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Tools that provide answers

Agricultural producers need to understand consumer demands here and abroad because consumers know a lot about us.

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Stop and Pop – the Starling Gang’s back

With the nesting season upon us, FMG has launched the next phase of its tractor fire awareness campaign which includes an online game offering farmers and growers advice on fire prevention.

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Efflugation: showers of shit

Technology never stands still.

With advances in GPS farm mapping and in computer interfacing software, farmers can dial up a level of irrigation for application of water to different soil zones across the farm and the centre pivot irrigator marches out across the land to do their bidding.

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Xero adding specialist farm package

Sharemarket sensation Xero expects to have its new system allowing specialised farm accounting providers to integrate their software with Xero on the market early next year.

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Match maker, match maker, make me a match….

Finding love in the countryside has always been a little fraught, especially for people living in isolated places.

Tinder is the latest craze in meeting new people, an application that uses your Facebook as a log-in and finds out who likes you in a nearby location. It connects you with them if you are also interested.

It is described as being like speed dating without having to leave the comfort of your home, without the drinks and social chitchat, without getting to see if your prospective dates have nervous ticks or need platform shoes to see over the bar. I’m not be convinced of the advantage yet.

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Getting social

Navigating the world of social media may seem a bit daunting, but there are great opportunities for those who embrace it. Rebecca Harper talked to some agricultural social media advocates.

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Xero-ing in on the future of farming

Chances are William Richmond, the colourful character who founded Richmond Meats in Hawke’s Bay, would be very proud of his great-grandson, Ben.

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Animal Photography

Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, photographer Ross Nolly gives his advice on how to capture your animals on camera. Don’t be afraid, ewe will find taking good pictures is not a cow of a job as this no-bull guide proves as we steer you in the right direction. If you ram home these instructions and doggedly go at it your photos won’t be turkeys.

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Embracing change

One of the great things about meeting and talking to farmers is understanding why they are passionate about farming and their drivers. Farms are very different in nature to your average city small business or listed corporate, but there are things in common which often get neglected in city business and farming entities.

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For the record

Standing atop a hill, surveying his leased farm, 18-year-old Andy Lowe wondered what size each of his paddocks was. The most obvious answer – get out the measuring wheel. "Hold on," he thought to himself "I have a surveying degree."

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