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Jason Powell – Shepherd

Winning the inaugural Wairarapa Shepherd of the Year competition has shown Jason Powell his dream of owning his own farm can become a reality if he’s prepared to work for it. Despite not coming from a farming background Jason, who works as a shepherd general for Andy and Jan Tatham at Homewood, showed the judges he has the qualities to ... Read More »

Fran Brooks – Shepherd

The rolling foothills nestled against the spine of the Southern Alps form a spellbinding view from anywhere along the eastern coast of the South Island. From there, the distance tends to cloak all in a blue haze, like a mirage. The quilt-pattern paddocks are dissected by ramrod straight roads, rising eventually to an alpine wonderland. It is small wonder that ... Read More »

Megan Cathro – Shepherd

As a Dunedin-raised girl, tagging along with her stepfather when he visited Otago farms was Megan Cathro’s introduction to farming. From her first sniff of sheep and gulp of yard dust she was hooked. “I said to him, ‘Get me on a farm’.” Megan’s stepfather asked one of his clients, Jim MacDonald on Mt Gowrie Station at Clarkes Junction, if ... Read More »

Andrew Gunn – Shepherd

Andrew Gunn has landed on his feet with his first job out of university. Fairly relaxed by nature, he says it was around the time of his last exam at the end of an ag com degree at Lincoln University when he realised there was some urgency to finding a job. Originally from Lake Taylor Station, Andrew’s parents alerted him ... Read More »

Cologne McKinstry – Shepherd

She’s young, blond and petite but at only 19 Cologne McKinstry has been the stock manager on 2400ha in southern Hawke’s Bay for a year already and takes it in her, diminutive, stride. She says there is a downside to being small – but she notices it only when shearing two-tooth rams weighing in at 98kg compared to her 58kg ... Read More »

Josh Oden – Shepherd

It’s not uncommon, especially for young Kiwis, to hop on a plane and head to the United Kingdom for a bit of overseas experience – or the big OE as it’s often called. Usually, a school leaver either takes a gap year before starting university studies or full-time employment or they wait until they have their tertiary qualification then hit ... Read More »

Jordan Smith – Shepherd

Perhaps it was an ancestral Maori spiritual connection to the land that drew city boy Jordan Smith to farming, or perhaps it was simply a good match for his love of the outdoors and animals. Either way working on a farm was always his dream. Born and raised in West Auckland, Jordan left school at 15 and was determined to ... Read More »

Matt McLeod – Shepherd

Life up the Whanganui River isn’t for the faint-hearted but Matt McLeod is enjoying the challenge. He is working on Morikau Station, just east of the Ranana settlement which is about a 50-minute drive to Wanganui. The station is 4900 hectares, of which 2475 is effective and runs 25,000 stock units. It is owned by the Morikaunui Incorporation. Matt and ... Read More »

Andrew Pearce – Shepherd

Winning the Tararua Shepherd of the Year title and the Outstanding Junior Sheep and Beef Trainee award at the Manawatu AgITO AgriAwards has 2013 shaping up as an awesome year for Andrew Pearce. The 19-year-old shepherd has settled into a job he loves on Te Pa station, south of Dannevirke, and is not planning to move any time soon. Manager ... Read More »

Kate Adams – Shepherd

Determination, dogged hard work and passion are the drivers for shepherd Kate Adams who combines hands-on experience with formal learning to keep her on track to achieving her dream job. She spoke to Sarah Rowland. Horses, dogs and a dream to be a farm manger are what motivates young shepherd Kate Adams. Kate, 28, and her sister Sarah who is ... Read More »