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Ardi Roberts – Fairfax Agri-Media central sales consultant and national livestock consultant

Name – Ardi Roberts Age – 21 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of AgriCommerce majoring in international agribusiness. Job possibilities – Anything involved with national or international agribusiness ranging from trade strategies and relations to marketing, sales or even banking. Employer – Fairfax Agri-Media Pay range for first two years – $50,000+ Pay range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like about this job – I get across everything in ... Read More »

Penny Clark-Hall – Senior Communications Advisor

Name – Penny Clark-Hall Age – 28 Qualification(s) – Graduate of NZ Film and Television School, Bachelor of Broadcasting – Film and Television (CPIT) Job possibilities – Agri-journalist, Communications, Marketing and advertising Employer – Federated Farmers Pay range for first two years – $50,000+ Pay range, 3-5 years – $55-$59,999 What I like about this job – Using my journalism and film skills to help make farming a viable and enjoyable ... Read More »

James Hoban – Land management adviser/writer

Many young New Zealanders are keen to get straight into a farming career. James Hoban on the other hand is taking a different route but to the same destination nonetheless. James grew up in Culverden and is living on his family’s dairy support farm with his wife Maria, their two-year-old daughter Alice. They have another baby on the way. The ... Read More »

Tony Leggett – Head of NZX Agri

“I think agriculture has more to offer than any other sector when it comes to career opportunities for young people in this country. For too long, agriculture has been considered the place for young people who find school a challenge. In reality, there’s a career in agriculture for everyone – from the brightest young minds who are at home in ... Read More »

Tony Leggett – Head of NZX Agri

Name – Tony Leggett Age – 54 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Commerce (agriculture) majoring in farm management. Job possibilities – Journalism, agribusiness company management. Employer – NZX Pay range for first two years – $40-44,999 Pay range, 3-5 years – $50-54,999 What I like about this job – Being head of NZX Agri means I’m managing a team of 44 full-time staff across content, sales and administration. The ... Read More »

Jo Grigg – Journalist

Name – Jo Grigg Age – 41 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Arts in history and political science (Hons). Job possibilities – Communications writing. Employer – Agricultural papers like Country-Wide, Young Country, Dairy Exporter. Writing for ag companies like CRT. Science writing – eg, farming techniques. Pay range for first two years – $40-44,999 Pay range, 3-5 years – $50-54,999 What I like about this job – Very varied and interesting. Get ... Read More »

Rebecca Harper – Journalist

Name – Rebecca Harper Age –  29 Qualification(s) – BA majoring in History and Mass Communications from Canterbury University, Post-graduate Diploma in Journalism from Canterbury University. Job Possibilities – Journalist – newspaper, magazine, radio, TV. PR – working for a company to communicate their message about what they’re doing and the products/services they offer. Employer – Self-employed Pay Range for first two years – $30-39,999 Pay ... Read More »

Gina Hamerton – Subscriptions Administrator, NZX Agri

Name – Gina Hamerton Age – 31 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Sports Management and Science – Massey University, Certs in Sports Massage and Recovery Therapies Job Possibilities – Accounts, marketing, sales, administration, sponsorship, working from home, travel Employer – NZX Agri Pay Range for first two years – $40-44,999 What I like about this job – I like the structure of working in an office environment and ... Read More »

Sarah Perriam – Rural TV producer

Name – Sarah Perriam Age – 28 Qualification(s) – No formal broadcast training. I have used my work experience in marketing, communication and creative opportunities in the past and learnt technical skills such as camera, editing, graphic design all self-taught. Job Possibilities – When we hire at Rural TV we look first at the person’s character, knowledge of agriculture and rural culture before ... Read More »