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Blue sky venture

Former police officer Paul Grayson hopes his venture flying unmanned aircraft will create a new career that will also let him continue helping people in need. Leaving your childhood dream job after 13 years to start a new venture is a nerve-wracking move but that’s what Paul Grayson did. It was a decision he says required a lot of guts ... Read More »

Andy Lowe – Agrimap

Standing atop a hill, surveying his leased farm, 18-year-old Andy Lowe wondered what size each of his paddocks was. The most obvious answer – get out the measuring wheel. “Hold on,” he thought to himself “I have a surveying degree.” So Andy pulled up a satellite map of the property and accurately laid out his fence lines and boundaries, enabling ... Read More »

Vincent Borgers – Data systems analyst

A university degree with a mixture of plant biotechnology and computer studies has been a winning mix for Vincent Borgers who uses both his strengths in his role with Plant and Food as a data systems analyst, creating a system to efficiently record and access data on kiwifruit cultivars. Job opportunities are broad for people graduating with agricultural or horticultural ... Read More »

Hadyn Lawrence – Dairy farmer

If Hadyn Lawrence’s high-school teachers are reading this, they might like to know that the youngster more interested in sport and wagging school to help his sister on the farm is now doing all right for himself. Since being asked to leave Stratford High School the 27-year-old from Taranaki has notched up an honours degree and PhD in Agricultural Engineering, ... Read More »

John Hart – IT Consultant

John Hart is living proof that rural areas can attract highly skilled people, provided broadband Internet is available. He and wife Carrie moved to Masterton from the big smoke of Auckland in search of better lifestyles but, as IT consultants, they would not relocate anywhere without broadband access. Their farm, in the Rangitumau area, does enjoy direct line of sight ... Read More »

Brett Steeghs – Test engineer

Reliable on-farm machinery is vital so when it comes to buying new machinery farmers want the hardiest piece of equipment they can get their hands on. Fewer breakdowns = less swearing = less stress. It’s a crucial job to build and test farm machinery to ensure farmers can rely on it. At 24, Brett Steeghs is thriving as a test ... Read More »

Joshua Vroombout – Product Manager

Dream job: playing around with tractors, travelling the world, developing cool toys to put on tractors … Joshua Vroombout sometimes has to pinch himself to see if it’s real: At 28 he has a great job, lives in Melbourne, travels the world and gets to talk about tractors – a lot! As Product Manager of Massey Ferguson Tractors and Loaders ... Read More »

Alex Harper – Marketing assistant/app creator

When Alex Harper, 23, started work as the marketing assistant and graphic designer for Morton Estate Wines he realised quickly there was no one central place for people to get information about wine. “The day I started at Morton Estate and my boss told me how important it was to have all the tasting notes and other information on the ... Read More »