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The winning ticket

Goats give Feilding saleyard drover Trudy Robertson a point of difference from rearing sheep and beef cattle. Cheyenne Nicholson  reports. A raffle prize was Manawatu local Trudy Robertson’s ticket into starting her own Hereford stud. Quite literally too, the raffle prize being a Hereford in calf Yearling Heifer. The 27-year-old grew up in Feilding, Manawatu, on her parents’ South Devon ... Read More »

Johnny Rowe – Banking

In the first of a new series of stories about OE agri-Kiwis, Johnny Rowe transferred his kiwi agri-banking career to the bright lights-big city of London and not only survived the global financial crisis but has thrived since. Andy Rowe found out Johnny loves the high rolling stakes of global acquisitions but still hankers for the Kiwi farming sector. The ... Read More »

Rachel Worth – Farm services officer

With a nurse mother and accountant father, Rachel Worth had to rely on Dunedin school friends to spend time on farms as a kid. Now, aged 27, she has 400 mixed aged hinds, 120 R2s, 150 R3s and R4s plus weaners and 13 stags to take care of at AgResearch’s world-leading deer research unit at Invermay near Dunedin. Employed as ... Read More »

Brychan Morgan – Contractor

Called “iron disease” by some of the old hands, buying machinery and working as a contractor or travelling overseas for contract work is a tried and true way to build a business or earn some good coin to help pay varsity bills. Jo Grigg talked to some Southern boys who are driving their careers – and some big machines. Expanding ... Read More »

Alice Mabin – Photographer

Alice Mabin was as happy as anyone could be out on the land … till an accident set her along a different course. Rebecca Harper reports. When a motorbike accident forced Alice Mabin to rethink her career on the land, she never imagined she would end up capturing the life of the drover through her camera lens and self-publishing a ... Read More »

Corvett Black – TBfree field officer

Corvett Black’s degree has taken her in an unexpected direction. Jackie Harrigan explains. Working with possum contractors and pig hunters is possibly not what Nuhaka’s Corvett Black envisaged when she signed up for her Massey University Ag Science degree. Still, as a keen farm woman she is passionate about her role in ridding the country of bovine Tb. As a ... Read More »

Chris Martin – Poultry farmer

You don’t have to love eating eggs to own a free-range chicken farm, but it probably helps. Chris Martin from Wairarapa Eggs says he is known as a egg glutton in his household – and it’s a disaster if there are no eggs in the house. Luckily, whipping across the back paddock to grab some fresh ones from under a ... Read More »

James Hoban – Land management adviser/writer

Many young New Zealanders are keen to get straight into a farming career. James Hoban on the other hand is taking a different route but to the same destination nonetheless. James grew up in Culverden and is living on his family’s dairy support farm with his wife Maria, their two-year-old daughter Alice. They have another baby on the way. The ... Read More »

Charley Mann – Communications adviser

Charley, 27, has been working at Ravensdown for nearly a year as a communications adviser. Born near London, Charley identifies herself as a citizen of the world. Her father is a kiwi and their family moved around the globe with his career as a marine engineer. Charley grew up in South Korea, Australia and the UK and she has the ... Read More »

Hamish Hassle, Tony Philpott and Jaeden Philpott – Rural Contractors

The rise of the new rural celebrity in the United Kingdom’s farming scene involves big gear and no fear. This legend status attributes much of its success to the DVD documentary Grassmen in Northern Ireland. The viewer is entrenched in three hours of grass silage being made in tight English fields through the eyes of the drivers and their thick ... Read More »