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Feeding Out

On the bottle

It is best to assume all pet lambs have not received colostrum so ideally it should be fed on the first day. Colostrum sources include frozen ewe and cow or commercially available powder. Warming or thawing frozen liquid colostrum is best done by placing the sealed container in a warm water bath and allowing it to heat through slowly. Day ... Read More »

A taste for success

Growing up on a farm gave Auckland-based cook Jess Daniell a true appreciation for where her food comes from. Now a city girl, Jess grew up on Wairere, the well-known Wairarapa hill-country sheep stud. She has recently taken the Auckland takeaway food market by storm with her fresh, healthy and delicious ready meals. It all started in 2013 as an ... Read More »

Zany Zeus

One Wellington food blogger, the Omnivore, has a theory about cheese – there are “staple” cheeses and “recreational” cheeses.

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Moreish meats

Free-range, funky looking and fabulous tasting meat and deli products are the messages behind the Fitzsimons family butchery in Palmerston North.

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A Spoonful of Country

Wise words indeed from Abby Shaw’s late grandmother Eula Bush, who knew the comfort to be gained from making and sharing food with friends and loved ones.

Eula’s legacy lives on in her grand-daughter’s love of food, cooking and sharing homespun wisdom, a passion Abby shares with the world on her blog “A spoonful of country”.

The 25-year-old lives on a deer farm near Geraldine with her partner Dave France, affectionately known as “The Farmer” in the blog which simply began as a way to share recipes with friends.

She says she and a group of former Lincoln University friends get together every year. Several wanted her recipe for mayonnaise and rather than write it out a number of times, she decided to put it on a blog so it could be accessed easily.

This was followed by demands for her quiche recipe and one year on she is adding something new to the recipe library every week.

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Jus the job

Cook and 2012 Masterchef winner Chelsea Winter believes people should not be afraid of using a little bit of butter and wants Kiwis to become more passionate about cooking with natural New Zealand produce rather than being led into buying low fat or readymade food.

Chelsea admits to keeping her fridge stocked with produce which might come under some people’s umbrella of unhealthy food. “Not everything in my fridge is what people would think is healthy. I like my cheese and my butter. I love lamb fat and pork fat. I eat the chicken skin off other people’s plates. I love bacon. I love bread.

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Who ate all the pies?

I love pies – meat pies especially. I always have and always will. And I think it’s a real shame that too often pies get a bad rap in today’s health-crazed society.

It’s true, there are many grotesque imposters masquerading as homestyle pies lurking in dodgy warming drawers around the country. These ones usually offer the charming texture and nutritional value of gussied-up pet food – and taste about as good. However, that’s definitely not what I’m talking about here.

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Smashing pumpkins

A smashing pumpkin recipe earned Steph Peirce, 21, a trip to Oz and an Australasian award.

As well as winning first prize in the New Zealand final of Fonterra’s Proud to be a Chef competition the second year Otago Polytechnic bachelor of culinary arts student won the award for the most innovative dish at an Australasian competition against 31 other chefs.

Her stunning dessert Cinderella’s Transformation featured a gold-dusted, white chocolate sphere on a cinnamon and cocoa crumb with pea sprouts, over which a warm salted caramel sauce was poured, revealing spiced pumpkin mousse inside.

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Possum on toast, with a goat chaser

I had possum on toast for tea on Tuesday night.

It wasn’t all I ate – but an added bonus, a wee tidbit given to diners and served up by chef Jacob Brown as a precursor to the other six courses of “scourged-pest-turned-wild-gamey-goodness” as part of his themed Pest Control Dinner.

The motivation for such a dinner?

Well, Jacob always comes up with something interesting for the Wellington on a Plate Food Festival – last year it was a menu of offal, from different animals, cooked six different ways.

Jacob shared that the idea of eating pests “just came to me” - no doubt while slaving over a hot stove at his Miramar restaurant, The Larder.

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