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Play Hard

Making milk and waves

Josh Kerridge is a young farmer reaping the benefits of working with family on their 120ha dairy unit in Waihi. He is in the enviable position of being able to fulfil his passions for surf lifesaving and competing at an elite level in surf rowing, while earning a living milking 300 Kiwicross cows. Josh, 20, is the only farmer in ... Read More »

Where young bulls learn to buck

It’s just as well Josh Adam always wanted to be a farmer. The farm has been in the family since the late 1800s and he’s now the fourth generation running sheep on the clay hills on the eastern bank of the Taieri River near Dunedin. “Mum and Dad have always said I can do whatever I want to, that I ... Read More »

From milking pit to podium

On first look Vincent Capes is like many of the other uniform-clad boys at Rathkeale College. On weekends he helps out on his family’s Eketahuna dairy farm, and he attended the All Dairy Breeds Youth camp in Manawatu in late January. It might come as a surprise to know he holds the New Zealand record in power-lifting for the squat. ... Read More »

Grape times in cowboy country

When the suggestion of making wine in Arizona was put to me, I said yes before the sentence was even complete. When a Kiwi thinks of Arizona, images of cowboy hats, dirt roads, pick-up trucks, heat, canyons and huge expanses of land come to mind. Complete that picture with a mix of vineyards, wineries, green rolling hills and creeks. Flying ... Read More »

Juggling a busy work-life schedule

Modern farmers enjoy many technological benefits their predecessors could only dream about. Ben Lott works by day, trains for multisport races early in the morning and rides eventing horses in the evenings. He told Rebecca Harper how he manages to fit it all in. Paddling a kayak on Ashburton’s Lake Hood in the dark at 5am on a weekday is ... Read More »

Kicking goals

Bryce Baron fell for Muay Thai kickboxing while getting fit for rugby and fought his way to the world champs. He told Jackie Harrigan peak fitness from training and fighting gives him clarity of thought for farming. Bryce Baron says he was “only average” at most sports at school, although he played rugby while starting his dairy farming career in ... Read More »

Stepping up to the Y challenge

Mental and physical capabilities strengthen when they are exposed and made vulnerable to the raw force of winter elements, well beyond what is initially thought possible. That was the overwhelming parting message from the 11 participants who took part in the Yealands Family Wines Y Challenge in June in Marlborough. Headed by New Zealand’s adventure racing master Nathan Fa’avae, a ... Read More »

Hard out hunter

Rory Ward at his fencing day job – it keeps him fit for hunting and helps him suss out the good secret hunting spots. Hunting is an all consuming hobby and lifestyle for Taupo fencer Rory Ward, who was part of the team winning this year’s Big Four hunting contest. He told Jackie Harrigan how his day job keeps him ... Read More »

Ben, Boars and Bog

  Ben Aiken with trusty Huntaway Sam and sharp heading dog Bryn. “Demonstrating guts and determination and often punching above his weight” is how Ben Aiken’s rugby coach described him at the Ngamatapouri Rugby Football Club 2015 prize giving when he received the Frewin Family Cup for being the best back this season. Normally playing full-back, this season he was ... Read More »

Balancing balls and bulls

Rowena Duncum in action at the rugby. Rowena Duncum has sculptured her lifestyle to complement three of her passions – dairy farming, journalism and rugby. She works fulltime as a farm solutions manager (FSM) for LIC, but most weekends from March to October you’ll find her at a rugby ground somewhere in Wanganui, Taranaki or Manawatu, clutching a microphone interviewing ... Read More »