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Work Hard

Better late than never

After university and a spell in Australia, Mark Booth has come home to the Central Otago family farming operation. Terry Brosnahan reports. Mark Booth came to sheep farming later than most but is quickly making up for lost time. Armed with a degree which was good for designing new fridges, but not farming, he started working full-time on the family farm ... Read More »

Asparations for success

Asparagus and dairying aren’t industries you think of as working hand-in-hand. But an innovative family has made it work and say the two businesses complement each other nicely. Geoff and Liz Lewis started growing asparagus in 1981 and their business, Tendertips, is now one of the main asparagus producers in the country, supplying major supermarkets and selling through their packhouse ... Read More »

Fighting fit for farming

“There’s no better feeling in the world than winning a fight, and that’s a fact – there’s no better feeling than getting your hand raised at the end of a fight,” Brendan Varty says. And the 29-year-old Alfredton sheep and beef farmer has what it takes to win the fight, both in Muay Thai kickboxing and in farming. Brendan and ... Read More »

Making it work

Returning home to the family farm, Fiona Ramsden has found a way to incorporate her love of design and textiles with farming and create a diverse business. Rebecca Harper visited to see how she’s making it work, her way. The bright lights of London’s fashion industry are worlds away from life on a coastal hill country sheep and beef station ... Read More »

Generation Wai

The solution to ensuring continued success and growth of Wairarapa’s Wairere Genetics business lies with a team of twenty-somethings who are relishing the challenge. John Watson met up with Generation Wai. Wairere Station owner Derek Daniell knows all too well the importance of having a succession plan in place. After the tragic death of his father John in 1983, Derek ... Read More »


Reuben Carter’s choice of the word “hurricane” for both his email address and sheep stud name couldn’t be more appropriate. In his 31 years he’s been through three careers – as a fitter and turner, a tractor mechanic and now agronomist. He was runner-up in the 2014 Young Farmer of the Year competition, has just completed the Kellogg Rural Leadership ... Read More »

Blue sky venture

Former police officer Paul Grayson hopes his venture flying unmanned aircraft will create a new career that will also let him continue helping people in need. Leaving your childhood dream job after 13 years to start a new venture is a nerve-wracking move but that’s what Paul Grayson did. It was a decision he says required a lot of guts ... Read More »

Engaging in equity

While working towards owning their own farm, Tom and Amanda Bowie have entered an equity partnership with George and Sarah Tatham to grow their equity. Rebecca Harper talked to them about how their engagement turned into a marriage of equity. Entering an equity partnership is a bit like getting married and, for young Wairarapa couple Tom and Amanda Bowie, finding ... Read More »

Creative Clydevale mums

When a group of mums at Clydevale’s Clutha Valley School (roll about 110) decided to do a cookbook as a fundraiser, the rural community was right behind them. However, no one except the seven women involved had any idea what they were really up to. “People would ask us why we were spending so much time on it,” Joanna Jack ... Read More »

Bucking the trend

There are great opportunities for young vets specialising in the deer industry and Becks Smith has grabbed the opportunity in Central Otago. She told Lynda Gray about the research she is doing with the sensitive and intelligent animals. Petite Central Otago vet Becks Smith has a big passion for deer that’s led to multi-level industry involvement. She works with deer ... Read More »