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Doing the dirty jobs

A degree in politics, a crutching and shearing run and numerous small lease blocks are stepping stones to commercial-scale farming for Eugene Pitt. He told Rebecca Harper how taking on the crappy jobs and building community will help him achieve his goals. Determination, a willingness to do the crappy jobs no one else wants to do, and strong community spirit ... Read More »

Te Brake hits the accelerator

Changing the guard at Young Farmers has propelled meat industry accountant Jason Te Brake into the hot seat as chairman. He talked to Ali Tocker about his career so far and his aspirations for the Young Farmers movement while he heads the board. Jason Te Brake is clever, confident and committed – three qualities that have earned him the role ... Read More »

Southern women

Shepherd Angel-Lee Wood sums up just why the small Strath Taieri valley and its outer lying hills are home to 10 female farm workers: “The night before my job interview I stayed in the accommodation at the local pub. People were so friendly and welcoming I decided then that if I got the job I would definitely take it.” The ... Read More »

Hard out hunter

Rory Ward at his fencing day job – it keeps him fit for hunting and helps him suss out the good secret hunting spots. Hunting is an all consuming hobby and lifestyle for Taupo fencer Rory Ward, who was part of the team winning this year’s Big Four hunting contest. He told Jackie Harrigan how his day job keeps him ... Read More »

Hollywood in south Otago

Josh Button is a south Otago Year 13 student financing his future by working on his family’s dairy farm and using the cows to star in his award-winning movies. Working on the dairy farm after school for his parents is allowing Year 13 student Josh Button to indulge in a few of his favourite things – things he hopes to ... Read More »

Dyslexic difference

After 34 years of struggling with reading and writing, a diagnosis of dyslexia came as a huge relief to Golden Bay dairy farmer Kirk Harcourt. He told Anne Hardie of his challenge and how with support he is overcoming his self doubt and working towards achieving qualifications in an industry where he has many other strengths. Stockmanship is second nature ... Read More »

Summit grows ideas on food security

The recent Global Youth Ag Summit in Canberra brought together 100 young agricultural leaders from 33 nations to discuss food insecurity and come up with solutions. Bayer Crop Science and the Future Farmers Network were behind the summit and flew delegates in from around the world and provided support and mentoring. During their time in Canberra the young leaders were ... Read More »

Ben, Boars and Bog

  Ben Aiken with trusty Huntaway Sam and sharp heading dog Bryn. “Demonstrating guts and determination and often punching above his weight” is how Ben Aiken’s rugby coach described him at the Ngamatapouri Rugby Football Club 2015 prize giving when he received the Frewin Family Cup for being the best back this season. Normally playing full-back, this season he was ... Read More »

Pup training – the next step

Last month I mentioned the importance of the “Wayleggo” or “Come to me” command. I also said it was non-negotiable and by that I meant it was a command that had to be obeyed. It means “Come” and “Come Now”. I also mentioned it was important for two reasons. The first is if you can’t catch your pup you are ... Read More »

A perfect partnership

A great partnership: Sully describes himself as the gung-ho number cruncher. Katie is more risk averse and sense-checks everything from a practical farming aspect. Sully and Katie Alsop’s Wairarapa farming partnership is a win-win for both them and their landowning partners. They told Jackie Harrigan how the innovative business agreement ensures both businesses are enhanced and each party’s goals are ... Read More »