Reuben Carter – Agronomist

Name – Reuben Carter Age – 30 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Agriculture, Lincoln University Job possibilities – Agronomist, agricultural rep, agricultural consultant, ag scientist, plant breeding, farm research, farmer. Employer – New Zealand Agriseeds Pay range for first two years – $40-44,999 Pay range, 3-5 years – $50-54,999 What I like about this job – The agronomist role allows me to build my knowledge of pastoral farming, ... Read More »

Aleisha Hansen – Agricultural Plant Variety Rights Examiner

Name – Aleisha Hansen Age – 24 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Agricommerce Job Possibilities – Export companies – many seed companies are looking for young committed people interested in travel. Work on the family farm – my father is a pipfruit orchardist and a degree in agribusiness could fast-track me towards taking over farm ownership one day if thats still what I want to do. ... Read More »

Monty Bamford – Agronomy Manager

Name – Monty Bamford Age –  23 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture), Lincoln University Job Possibilities – Rural banking, farm consulting, fertiliser representative, rural insurance, farm management, rural supplies firms. Employer – Donaghys Pay Range for first two years – $40-44,999 What I like about this job – The best part about this job is the variety of work. It can range from providing technical advice ... Read More »