Sheep & Beef

Lifestyle opportunity

A farm next door to his parents offered chance of change of lifestyle for Gareth and Juliet Levers. Anne Hughes reports. Leasing a farm may not be their best financial decision yet, but the lifestyle change is paying off for Gareth and Juliet Levers. The couple, both 29-years-old, took on the lease in April last year, after struggling to get into ... Read More »

A trial of sheep and shepherd

Anne Hughes It pays never to be too confident on the dog trial course. A rogue sheep, disobedient dog or a misjudged command can turn a winning run into a crash course within seconds. Hamish Parkinson reckons he’s got the same chance at the New Zealand dog trial championships as the almost 300 other competitors having a crack at this ... Read More »

The knowledge exchange

Earlier this year Angus breeder Georgia Davies took part in an exchange tour of Australian Angus studs. She is keen to prove it doesn’t matter where you come from to get into farm ownership. Sam Tennent reports. North Canterbury’s Georgia Davies spent last summer touring Angus studs in Victoria and New South Wales, learning much along the way. While the 23-year-old’s home farm in Oxford is only ... Read More »

Making the most of potential

When run-down Martinborough Station was up for sale, James and Janeen Bruce saw it as their golden opportunity. John Watson reports on the couple’s ride to farm ownership. Photos: Graeme Brown James Bruce understates his own skill and drive when he claims he’s got to where he is with luck. Described by those close to him as just a regular bloke, with the energy of about three, ... Read More »

Andrew Wards – Livestock buyer

Name – Andrew Wards Age – 28 Qualification(s) – BCom Ag, Lincoln Job possibilities – Stock agent, auctioneer, stock management, procurement, meat trading, consultancy, farming Employer – Progressive Enterprises Pay range for first two years – $45-$49,999 Pay range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like about this job – Meeting a wide variety of farmers and farm business owners. Learn about the many ways that people go ... Read More »

Sully Alsop – Sheep-and-beef farm business consultant

Name – Sully Alsop Age – 30 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Applied Science in Farm Management. Went through Smedley Station as a cadet when I left school. Job possibilities – Sheep-and-beef farm consultant. Also lease a farm and own a small farm so farm management. Employer – Baker & Associates Pay range for first two years – $30-39,999 Pay range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like ... Read More »

Landon Jones – Marketing and sales executive

Name – Landon Jones Age – 25 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture (Massey University). Job possibilities – Sales and marketing manager, General manager. Employer – ANZCO Foods Pay range for first two years – $45-$49,999 Pay range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like about this job – Great variety of work dealing with lots of different people and cultures, domestic / overseas travel and exposure, ... Read More »

Erica van Reenen – Environment Extension Manager

Name – Erica van Reenen Age – 29 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Master of Agricultural Science Job Possibilities – Researcher, policy analyst/advisor, banker, fertiliser/seed rep, journalist, extension specialist, farmer, farm advisor, lecturer, and plenty more. Employer – Beef + Lamb New Zealand Pay Range for first two years – $40-44,999 Pay Range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like about this job – I get ... Read More »