Mike Corbett – Process Improvement Chemist

Name – Mike Corbett Age – 30 Qualification(s) – BSc (Tech) – Chemistry Job possibilities – A science/technical background really does have endless opportunities. More than likely to start as a lab technician, either quality control, research and development or environmental division of a lab. With experience you’re likely to progress to senior lab technician or lab manager. Personally, I have gone towards the operations/manufacturing side ... Read More »

Hannah Best – Soil nutrition consultant

Name – Hannah Best Age – 25 Qualification(s) – B Appl Sci (Hons) Job possibilities – Anything to do with agriculture; farm consultant, fertiliser rep, seed rep, animal health advice and products, animal production, farming etc Employer – Abron Pay range for first two years – $40-44,999, $45-$49,999 Pay range, 3-5 years – $55-$59,999, $60,000+ What I like about this job – Every day is different and every ... Read More »

Christine Couldrey – Senior scientist

Name – Christine Couldrey Age – 40 Qualification(s) – BSc (Hons), PhD Job possibilities – Design and perform experiments in epigenetics that will enable farmers to maximise performance of their sheep and cattle, publish research findings in internationally peer-reviewed publications, attract grant funding to pay for research. Employer – AgResearch Pay range for first two years – $50,000+ Pay range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like ... Read More »

Roshean Woods – PhD Student

Name – Roshean Woods Age –  23 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Science (Honours) majoring in Environmental Biogeoscience and Plant Science. I am currently in my first year of study towards a PhD. Job possibilities – After graduating with my B.Sc (Hons), I worked as a science intern at DairyNZ and AgResearch for a year. This was an awesome experience. I then decided it was ... Read More »

Charlotte Johns – PhD student

Name – Charlotte Johns Age – 22 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Science majoring in environmental biogeoscience (first class honours). I am completing a PhD at Lincoln University funded by Teagasc, Ireland. Job possibilities – The job possibilities leading on from this include research scientist, post doc positions, work in agriculture and environmental management as well as the education sector. Employer – TEAGASC, Ireland Pay range for ... Read More »

Paul Edwards – Postdoctoral scientist

Name – Paul Edwards Age – 26 Qualification(s) – BSc, majoring in animal science and agricultural science at Massey, Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Science at Massey, PhD in animal science at Massey. Job possibilities – After completing my BSc I started working at DairyNZ as a research technician, however, also could have gone down the consulting officer route. Lots of other job possibilities at that point, ... Read More »

Stuart Card – Mycologist

Name – Stuart Card Age – 37 Qualification(s) – BSc (hons) in applied biology, Higher National Diploma (HND) in applied biology, PhD in plant pathology. Job possibilities – Plant pathology, Mycology, Microbiologist. Employer – AgResearch Pay range for first two years – $50,000+ Pay range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like about this job – Science, Travel, Meeting international researchers, Students and teaching, New equipment, Working in a team environment, Publishing research. Why I chose to ... Read More »

Aleisha Hansen – Agricultural Plant Variety Rights Examiner

Name – Aleisha Hansen Age – 24 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Agricommerce Job Possibilities – Export companies – many seed companies are looking for young committed people interested in travel. Work on the family farm – my father is a pipfruit orchardist and a degree in agribusiness could fast-track me towards taking over farm ownership one day if thats still what I want to do. ... Read More »

Liverpool Zhang – Business Development Manager, Plant and Food Research

Name – Liverpool Zhang Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Consumer Applied Food Science Job Possibilities – Development, Collaboration and business with China Employer – Plant and Food Research Pay Range for first two years – $50,000+ Pay Range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like about this job – The job is involved with China (I am a Chinese) and gives me the opportunity to use my skills ... Read More »

Erin Hutchinson – Science editor

Name – Erin Hutchinson Age – 35 Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Science (Honours I) majoring in geography. First Aid, Chemical Handling, NZQA ATV + tractor + 2-wheeler Job Possibilities – Land management officer, policy advisor, environmental scientist, remote sensing analyst, science communicator Employer – NZX Agri Pay Range for first two years – $45-$49,999 Pay Range, 3-5 years – $60,000+ What I like about this ... Read More »