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Farmers baulk at Marlborough rules

Lynda Gray The overly prescriptive nature of the proposed Marlborough Environment Plan has not gone down well with some local farmers. “It’s humungous, complicated and has so many rules,” Federated Farmers regional policy advisor Kristy McGregor says. The Feds compiled an almost 450-page submission, following eight meetings attended by almost 250 farmers. It listed as one of the major concerns ... Read More »

Transition to a grass-eating adult

Cheyenne Stein Young ruminants are functionally monogastrics for about two to three weeks post-birth. A ruminant’s stomach has four parts: a reticulum, rumen, omasum and abomasum. All four parts are present at birth but only the abomasum is fully developed and functional. Their rumen is small, sterile and underdeveloped at birth. This all needs to change in order for calves ... Read More »

Shooting the animals

Jackie Harrigan Shooting wild animals –not necessarily with a gun – is the growth industry of South African agriculture with 20 million hectares of damaged and marginal agricultural production land converted to game ranches in the past 15 years. South Africa is a very dry country with an annual rainfall of around 600mm. Many regions can no longer support conventional ... Read More »

All scrubbed up ready for surgery

Amy Hoogenboom Vet student, Massey University You know you are a vet student when you are looking forward to the weekend. Not because you have an amazing, carefree, alcohol-fuelled, fun-packed extravaganza planned but because you have lecture notes and assignments that you are eager to get finished and on top of (the same plan as you had last weekend but ... Read More »

Annual milking machine testing on the way

Tim McVeagh NZCP1 is the Primary Indistries Ministry’s operational code for the design and operation of farm dairies. The latest revision, form December 1, 2015, includes requirements for milking machine performance and maintenance. What does this mean in lay terms? Milking machines must be tested by a registered milking machine tester at least once a season or at the frequency ... Read More »

No beef with dairy-beef

Northland farmers Mike and Karen Smales breed beef bulls over their dairy herd and buy in their replacements. They told Sheryl Brown how they make dairy farming on tough country profitable.   A measure of success in any dairy operation is farming the land in a way to ensure its profitability. Dairy farmers Mike and Karen Smales milk 480 cows ... Read More »

Dairying South Africa the Kiwi way

Trevor Elliott’s father bought a forest area and started off with two cows 50 years ago. Today his operation is probably the biggest dairy farm business in South Africa, milking 15,000 cows. Erling Mysen reports.   On the southern coast of South Africa, in Tsitsikamma, a green belt with forest, pastures and dairy cattle lies between sea and mountains and ... Read More »

Crusader with a cause

Anne Hardie High school was a period of rebellion for Jack Raharuhi and his hassled teachers probably never expected him to be back a few years later on a crusade to inspire students to choose dairying as a career. This year he will have six Gateway students from his former Buller High School in Westport getting weekly work experience on ... Read More »

Taking technology to the max

Alastair Neville is a young farmer doing all he can to add value to the Reporoa farm developed and farmed by his grandfather then father. And the 28-year-old is making every use of new technology to help him that he possibly can, seeing that precision farming innovations can lead to some easy gains by cutting expenses and increasing efficiency. “I’ve ... Read More »

Getting their boots dirty

Seven teenagers from the suburbs of Christchurch spent a week of their April school holidays getting a taste of farm life through a recently-launched Rabobank initiative. The Rabobank Farm Experience aims to raise awareness of the many career opportunities in the primary sector and help bridge the urban-rural divide. Based on a successful Australian programme that’s been running for three ... Read More »