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Attention to detail

It’s just become seriously busy on Dairy Holdings’ young stock rearing units as staff start taking delivery of this season’s crop of about 9500 calves, swelling the total number of replacements on its four specialist units to close to 17,500 animals. It’s an exercise in logistics of epic proportions but with several years of experience now under their belt the ... Read More »

Ministry of Education gives green light to Agribusiness in schools

The Ministry of Education have committed to developing Agribusiness achievement standards for senior students in New Zealand secondary schools. An official announcement of the Ministry’s involvement is due to take place on Thursday 7 April at St Paul’s Collegiate School in Hamilton, along with the opening of a state-of-the-art learning space that has been purpose built for Agribusiness at St Paul’s Collegiate School. ... Read More »

From milking pit to podium

On first look Vincent Capes is like many of the other uniform-clad boys at Rathkeale College. On weekends he helps out on his family’s Eketahuna dairy farm, and he attended the All Dairy Breeds Youth camp in Manawatu in late January. It might come as a surprise to know he holds the New Zealand record in power-lifting for the squat. ... Read More »

It’s better with balance

Emma Dangen always wanted to be a vet. So she was more than disappointed when, after six months doing the preliminary course at Massey University’s Albany campus, north of Auckland, she didn’t get accepted. “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a vet,” she says. “But here was someone telling me I couldn’t do that.” Not ... Read More »

Plants hold promise

Finding a replacement for iodine and chlorhexidine in teat-sprays is giving University of Otago research fellow Adam Heikal at least one year of work and maybe many more. Microbiologist Heikal was awarded a $126,988 Agribusiness Innovation Grant from AGMARDT (Agricultural and Marketing Development Trust) and teat-spray manufacturer Deosan earlier this year to identify new antimicrobials that might be used for ... Read More »

Training your heading dog

The third and final stage of training your heading dog involves teaching your dog steering gear, which allows you to send it and keep it running in the right direction by using run-out sides. In conjunction with run-out sides a run command is an important component, allowing you to keep the dog running hard but changing direction when required. I ... Read More »

Making it work

Returning home to the family farm, Fiona Ramsden has found a way to incorporate her love of design and textiles with farming and create a diverse business. Rebecca Harper visited to see how she’s making it work, her way. The bright lights of London’s fashion industry are worlds away from life on a coastal hill country sheep and beef station ... Read More »

Harvesting USA

At 21 years old, Tim Garrick’s career has already taken him from a lifestyle block, to big-country shepherding, to driving enormous combine harvesters up and down the United States. “If I take a liking to an opportunity, I make sure it happens,” Tim says. He left Whangarei’s Christian Renewal School at 16 when family connections landed him a shepherding job ... Read More »

Generation Wai

The solution to ensuring continued success and growth of Wairarapa’s Wairere Genetics business lies with a team of twenty-somethings who are relishing the challenge. John Watson met up with Generation Wai. Wairere Station owner Derek Daniell knows all too well the importance of having a succession plan in place. After the tragic death of his father John in 1983, Derek ... Read More »

Big station aims for top shepherd Lexie

Cambridge-raised Alexia Phillips – known as Lexie – came to Otiwhiti a skilled horsewoman but with little else in the way of farming nous. Last year she graduated as both top academic and top cadet from Otiwhiti’s agricultural training school. A buddy going shepherding while Lexie was still at Hamilton’s Hillcrest High spurred her to sign up at the 3250 ... Read More »